John Ruff, Senior Portfolio Manager uses a technical approach to manage common stock selections which happens to be the oldest approach to portfolio management, dating back to the late 1800s.

He employs a straightforward process to seek out strength and manage risk in the market. His goal is to eliminate excessive market noise, remove the influence of emotion and keep things simple

Adaptive Indexing

“Adaptive indexing” best describes the way he structures, builds and maintain portfolios on behalf of clients. He adjusts portfolio holdings based on market dynamics – focusing on potential opportunities as they gain strength and rotating them out as relative strength wanes.

The goal is to identify “major” or “meaningful” positive trends and then identify what he believes are the best ways to gain exposure to those trends that favor our participation, and, more importantly, avoid the weakest or negative trends that do not favor our participation.

Ultimately, it is all about allocating assets, properly based on where performance – or relative strength – is observed, and then reallocating or replacing holdings as necessary to attempt to achieve long-term success. John is accepting new clients, his email is