My 2 Cents

Amid all the that often surrounds politics in the news, there is something happening economically, across the country that isn’t discussed nearly as much, because it’s the numbers, not the political pundits doing all the talking.

The U.S. Department Labor says that the U.S economy is growing with 276,000 new jobs added on average per month in 2018 alone.  That is, 94,000 more per month than in 2017.

Unemployment is down, help wanted signs are up! 

Today the fewer Americans file jobless claims, since 1969 and in March we saw Help Wanted Twounemployment rate fall below 4% fo the first time since 2000.   The Consumer Confidence Index is at an 18 year high and wages for American worker have increased by more than we since since 2007, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

These economic results seem to lean towards a theme that a combination of reduced federal regulations, lower taxes, protectionist trade positioning and an aggressive America first philosophy lead to a notable positive economic impact.

Potentially, this could mean continued higher earnings growth for workers and business owners.

Author: Paul McIntyre

Chief Compliance Officer

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