Retirement Plan Custodians

NAMCOA can work with virtually any record-keeper/custodian, as in the case of retirement plans, the plan sponsor has the final choice and selects their record-keeper/custodian. NAMCOA has never received commissions from any custodian, of any type, our competitive fees can be paid out of plan assets and/or be direct-billed. 

In alphabetical offer, the retirement plan custodians we currently work with are:

  • Ascensus
  • AssetMark
  • Empower
  • ePlan
  • Fidelity
  • Paychex
  • SEI Private Trust Company
  • The Pacific Financial Group

Collectively, these custodians are also Platform Managers and provide related investment advisory and performance measurement services that may be provided through their third-party platform. These Platform Managers are responsible for managing model portfolios, taking into account each client risk profile and input from NAMCOA Advisor.

2021 Interactive Broker Awards

So for Interactive Brokers, industry Awards in 2021 are not in any short supply. One of the custodians NAMCOA uses, has achieved yet another award from Barons, for being the Best Online Broker – 5 out of 5 stars#1 for Active Traders, #1 for Information, #1 for International and #1 for Trading.

Interactive Brokers is a global custodian of client assets, and offers a transparent, low commissions and financing rates, support for best price execution, and stock yield enhancement program help minimize costs to maximize client returns.

With Interactive Brokers, our clients can invest globally in stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds and funds from a single integrated account. Multiple currencies are available and assets can be denominated in multiple currencies.

Through Interactive Brokers, we can access market data 24 hours a day and six days a week in 135 Markets, 33 Countries and 23 currencies.

Other 2021 industry Awards for Interactive Brokers noted below.

Background on SEI Investments Company

SEI Investment Company, is a publicly traded investment and trust services firm headquarters in Oaks, PA. Website: As a global provider of investment, investment management and investment operations solutions, through its subsidiaries and partnerships in which the company has significant interests, SEI manages, advises or administers $1 trillion in 401k plans, hedge funds, private equity, mutual funds and and pooled or separately managed assets.

NAMCOA has been working with SEI since 2014 and other and other custodians actively since 2004. The Advisory team at NAMCOA has over 300 years experience collectively providing investment services, financial planning and working with other custodians.

NAMCOA works with SEI to assist and provide portfolio management, trust management and to 401k retirement plan services.

SEI provides products and services to NAMCOA and its clients, as well as to other institutions, private banks, investment advisors, investment managers, and private clients around the world. 

SEI is a global provider, with corporate headquarters in Oaks, Pennsylvania and offices in Indianapolis, Toronto, London, Dublin, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, South Africa, and Dubai.

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