Wonderful Article on Robin Whitlock!

What a Wonderful Article on Robin Whitlock! Dec18Cover_web

This article on Robin really touches much about who Robin is a person, mother and family member. I have been fortunate to work with Robin professionally and have truly enjoyed it. But I cannot express enough the dedication that Robin demonstrates to her clients.

For example, she has been known to hand deliver tax returns to her clients personally instead of mailing, as needed. She frequently visits clients face to face, at their home or place of business to go over their financial plans. She monitors her clients accounts frequently to make sure her clients are on track to reach their objectives.

My personal observation is that Robin is a dedicated, mindful working financial advisor with a true love and passion for the financial industry and her clients.  I feel Robin is a great example for all Advisors of NAMCOA – Naples Asset Management LLC.

Congratulations Robin on the recognition you deserve!

Walter Hester – Senior Portfolio Manager

Cashing in on your Household Spending

Feeling a bit frustrated with your spending each month? Perhaps changing your mindset and approaching your house hold spending as an investment opportunity could be just the silver lining to cheer you up.

When was the last time you saw your cable provider lower their price instead of increasing it? Also, per the U.S. Department of Agriculture, over the last 10 year’s food cost has risen 30% for a family of four with children under 5 years of age. While the cost of living continues to increase each year so does the earnings and dividends of some of the companies which you buy your products and services from.

The NAMCO Monthly Needs Portfolio is designed to take advantage of this type spending. Of the 22 current stocks in the portfolio on average they have raised their dividend 7.07% in 2016. This is 5.57% higher than the inflation gauge of 1.5% (Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers 12 months Sept. 2015 to Sept. 2016). As of October 31st, 2016, the dividend yield for the portfolio is 0.51% above the same inflation index, and that is with 21.57% currently in cash.

So, as you know, even in good times or bad folks will eat, drink, drive, cut your lights on, take a bath, and carry your garbage out.

For more information and performance on this portfolio go to:

Walter M Hester Sr. Portfolio Manager



Content is King

Recent data shows about 56% of consumers around the world not able to imagine life without a mobile device. To keep pace with a changing consumer and demographics, telecom carriers are aggressively expanding into the content.

Today (10/24/2016) AT&T announced they are purchasing Time Warner Inc. Verizon Communications recently purchased AOL and is now in the middle of purchasing Yahoo.

Both telecom companies will begin rolling out 5G in 2017. With speeds of 1 gigabyte per second, consumers will be able download faster and view more streaming entertainment on their mobile devices.

Adding more to a shift from cord to mobile for content.