CE for Florida Life Agents

NAMCOA provides online continuing education courses for Florida Life, Variable and Health Agents.   All courses are offered at $10 (ten dollar) each.

Florida Agents need 24 credit hours per license term or 20 credit hours if licensed 6 years of more.  Up to 24 hours of  extra credit can be carried over to their next license term. Courses carried forward will not be counted as duplicate if taken three (3) calendar years after the initial complete date.

Click to download /view the current class offerings: Fall 2017 Course Syllabus

Enroll Now:   Click on the link below of the course you wish to take below. You will then be prompted to pay by credit card.  Download the Study Guide for the course you are taking.

The Study Guide is the course, quiz questions are at the end of each Chapter.  The Quiz Answer Key is found at the end of the Study Guide, also listed in the Table of Contents. Some courses have an appendix of additional resource course materials.

All course Final Exams are available online once enrolled, do not require a proctor and may be taken 24/7. Exam Results are immediate and are reported daily to the State. Exams may be retaken as needed. Once a course is selected you will be prompted to pay via PayPal or credit card. Agents may start and exam, save and return to your course, as needed.


Click to Enroll:  LIFE & ANNUITY APPLICATIONS – No. 94196 – 13 Credit Hours –  Click to Download Study Guide: Life & Annuity Applications Study Guide

Click to Enroll:  INSURANCE PRODUCTS & SUITABILITY – No. 96128 – 10  Credit Hours  –   Click to Download Study Guide:   Insurance Products and Suitability Study Guide  Appendix

Click to Enroll: FIXED ANNUITY PORTFOLIO APPLICATIONS – Course No. 96129  – 10 Credit Hours –  Click to Download Study Guide: Fixed Annuity Portfolio Applications Study Guide            

Click to Enroll: THE LIFE & ANNUITY CONTRACT  – Course No.96039 – 10 Credit Hours – Click to Download Study Guide:  The Life & Annuity Study Guide The Life & Annuity Contract Study Guide

Click to Enroll: ANTI -MONEY LAUNDERING CONCEPTS – Course No. 96609 – 8 Credit Hours – Click to Download Study Guide: Anti-Money Laundering Concepts Study Guide

Click to Enroll: RETIREMENT PLANS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES –  Course No. 96710  – 8 Credit Hours –  Click to Download Study Guide:  Retirement Plans for Small Business Study Guide

Click to Enroll: EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS –  Course No. 97190 – 5  Credit Hours – Click to Download Study Guide: ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) Course Study Guide

General Publications – The AMERICAN LIFE & ANNUITY GUIDE is a resource handbook for Life Insurance Agents, CPA’s and other Financial Advisers.

The Guide builds on pre-licensing and post-licensing course material developed by the Front Coverauthor and is designed to be used as a study guide for licensing courses offered by continuing education providers and sponsors in the United States.

Each Chapter contains a Quiz to test the comprehension of the reader, with an answer key found at the end of guide.  A great primer and resource for life and annuity agents.

The book is now available in paperback at most publishers, including Amazon Books.